ELY Consulting

The Finnish Govenment has stopped supporting ELY Development Consulting by the end of 2023. We thank all parties for the good cooperation.

Phoster Oy has been approved as a consultant in ELY development services. ELY’s development services is valid option for implementing a development project, especially for smaller SMEs. The service included the three areas described below:

The aim of the consultancy is to promote, above all, the

  • systematic business development,
  • controlled growth,
  • a clear change in the company’s operations,
  • the company’s rise to the next level of business.

Usually, the consultation is started with the Analysis phase. It documents the company’s:

  • Financial situation (based e.g. on income statement and balance sheet),
  • Current state of activities (physical premises, factory lay-out, warehouses, status of each business process …),
  • Strategic development objectives,
  • Identification of development potential.

Under the theme of Productivity and digitalisation, we can then jointly develop the company’s operations in the following areas:

  • develope the productivity and fluidity of the work,
  • improve the efficiency of production or service processes,
  • document and develope responsibility for operations, taking into account ecological, economic and social aspects,
  • exploring and developing opportunities for utilising technology and digitalisation.

The service is implemented in practice so that the customer submits an application in ELY’s online service (ELY e-services). In this case, the customer asks Phoster Oy / Jouni Leskinen to be a consultant. After the approved application, consultation can be started to the extent agreed. Before the application is sent, you should contact us so that together we can specify the content and extent of the application.

The cost of the service is EUR 260 per day for the customer for Analysis service and EUR 325 per day for Consulting services. In other words, the company may start development with fairly small own financial contribution.