System Selection – Do you need an ERP system?

The most economical system is a system that does not need to be implemented …

However, most companies benefit significantly from the integrated system, because experience shows that it supports the growth and development of the company. The integrated system is an ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning System), but it is more than a planning tool as it’s name suggests: it’s the backbone of business and information management at its best.

The ERP system’s proven benefits include:

  1. Operational planning
    1. SCM – Purchase intensialization, warehouse management
    2. Production control
    3. Customer Service Boost (Customer promise: speed, availability)
  2. Process and data management integration
  3. Processes can be automated more efficiently
  4. Improved data transparency
  5. Data Management Harmonds
    1. Single and common Master data
    2. Common information methods (product groups, etc.)
    3. Clear responsibilities
  6. Managed System Solution
    1. Fewer systems
    2. Less maintainating
  7. Development of reporting
    1. Cost control

 The challenges of acquiring the ERP system are:

  1. The demanding selection of the project
    1. Describe a business model
    2. Describing processes
  2. ISO System Project
    1. A vast and complex project
    2. Extensive impacts
    3. Operational and deployment risks
  3. Change Management
    1. Change management needs to be designed and coordinated
  4. Costs
    1. The cost of the project is high
    2. Requires continuous maintenance

Despite all the foregoing, most companies benefit from the overall system. Better business planning, improved customer service, better management of inventories are things that should interest every company.  

Improved forecasting utilises both the entire supply chain and the economic planning. The realisation of benefits requires the coordination and development of holistic activities (processes) and tools (policies, software, training, support).

The purchase of the system must be taken seriously, invested in it and need to be seen. A workable overall system does not arise by chance but as a result of good planning.