1. Strategy work

Most companies have an existing strategy that is carefully thought through and contains essential elements for business development towards the desired direction.

We can help, in particular, in the implementation of the strategy. Good strategy is not worth anything unless it is able to be implemented.

“However Beautiful The strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.”

― Winston Churchill

Implementing the strategy is particularly challenging in a rapidly changing environment, with agile strategy methods (‘ Agile Strategy ‘) in place; In this case, there will be no rhythm or division of traditional annual thinking in planning and implementation. As a component of the strategy, we see the following factors:

  • Clarification of the Strategy
  • Identifying strategic withdrawals
  • Project and Project plan
  • Implementation projects
  • Monitoring and iteration of the realization.

At its best, strategy work is part of overall leadership from updating the business model to conducting individual processes:

The areas of development are: (1) clarifying and consolidating the existing strategy, 2) developing business management – Process development, 3) the implementation of the change management strategy through projects and management.

The company’s existing strategy materials, management system description, organization charts and other documents relevant to the filming are collected as starting materials. The starting material is complemented by an initial interview with key persons.

Strategy work must ultimately lead to the development of processes in order to meet the desired development agenda and implement the desired strategic task.