5. Phhoster Skills

The company is a partner in the development of the strategy, processes and information technology projects.

"The strategic plan is just so good,

how well it can be used .";

We have years of experience in both small and medium-sized and large international companies. We dare to tackle the challenges, to challenge and to bring new perspectives into the development of our activities.

We have experience from a variety of business and business models. We have a long hands-on experience with FMC (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) on the development of proses. We have also worked on individual production problems (both project production and stock production). Production control and its development has been one of the most important areas

"Process development turns plans into practical measures."

The development areas include the SCM (Supply Chain Management) processes for the prediction of deliveries. In addition, we have developed tools for change management and Master Data management, for example.

Project management is our core expertise. We have used both the waterfall model, the scrum method. We are also ready to seize the project management of the CCPM model.

With our extensive partner network , we can bring multidisciplinary expertise to development projects in addition to our own expertise: Strategy, TOC, Lean, DDMRP, ICT infrastructure, ERP, CRM, PDM, MES/CAM, Throughput Accounting.

It is worth checking e.g. the following undertakings:

Consulting group AIKA Oy – Southwest Finland Entrepreneurs' Growth Business Service

Kukonaskel Oy – strategy work

Merifam Consulting – Petri Merisaari – company's liqueurization development, growth strategy, business plans

Consulting services – Siltala Consulting – commercial development, marketing and brand strategies

KT Selin Oy – Keijo Selin – Production Development, Lean and SixSigma