3. Information System projects

We have implemented systems development projects in large and small organics in a number of different areas. It is essential to see system development as part of the business development. That's why we've always switched system development to business strategy. The strategy is linked to the identification of essential system requirements and the direction in which the business is developing.

The project must have a clear need and objective:

  • Business Support
    • New Product or service
    • Extending service
  • Automation
    • Manual process automation
    • IoT and connecting to back systems
  • Cost savings
    • Less manual work
    • Delete non-value-added steps
  • Development of reporting
  • Update a system solution
    • old system not supported
    • Too many fragmented systems
    • The security of systems should be developed
    • Poor system performance (slow, downtime, absorption)

The links below will take you to a closer look at the perspectives and methods of development in different areas: